Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is the governing body of Ben Porat Yosef. It is comprised of community lay leaders and parents of current students whose interest in BPY and personal and professional skills qualify them to fulfill duties of fiscal management and strategic planning in accordance with our mission and hashkafa. Our Board’s role is to set long term objectives and policies, while the Rosh HaYeshiva is entrusted with the educational and operational management of the school. The Board and Rosh HaYeshiva work together closely in order to ensure that BPY’s activities and programs reflect our mission and philosophy.

2016-2017/ 5777 Board of Trustees

Cheryl Rosenberg, President
Daniel Cohen, Vice President
Mark Weinberger, Vice President
Asher Toporovsky, Treasurer
David Breau, Secretary
Oren Adler
Naftali Cohen
Joshua Drazen
Susan Heller Pinto
Samantha Katz
Dara Klarfeld
Uri Moche
Cori A. Robinson
Rachel Barber Schwartz