שלום וברוכים הבאים לאתר של בית-הספר בן פרת יוסף!
It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Ben Porat Yosef, a warm and welcoming community of children, teachers, and parents steeped in Sephardic and Ashkenazic traditions and animated by a compelling vision of 21st-century learning and living.
Our vision begins from the realization that a spiritual and moral compass anchored in ahavat Hashem and Yir’at Hashem is fundamental to a successful and fulfilling life. We believe that academic rigor and joyful self-sufficiency are best achieved through student-centered learning, in which the learner is empowered to inquire, investigate, solve problems, and derive conclusions, with the guidance and encouragement of an attentive and supportive teacher. A key component of that empowerment is Hebrew language fluency, which endows our students with equal access to their Judaic and Western heritages and imbues within them a love of Torah, Israel, and the Jewish people.
The skills and dispositions our students acquire set them up for success in their future schooling, their careers, their relationships, and their lives. Our graduates are much in demand at the high schools of their choice, and they stand out from their peers in their derech eretz, their independence, their leadership, and their confidence.
As you explore the pages of this website or walk through the halls of Ben Porat Yosef, at every turn you will discover these ideals, and more, translated into reality in pleasing and unexpected ways. I welcome you on this journey.
בכבוד רב,
Dr. Steven Lorch
Interim Head of School