1st Grade B

Discovery Learning Day Math

First graders practiced their critical thinking and problem solving skills with hands-on math activities inspired by our upcoming Discovery Learning Day. They sorted frogs based on the numbers of dots on their backs, solved word problems to figure out which eggs belonged to Sammy the Spider, and figured out what number was on Ant’s crumb. We can’t wait for Discovery Learning Day!

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1B: Discovery Learning Day Research

In conjunction with next week’s Discovery Learning Day, which will focus on the amazing abilities of different animals, the first graders learned about ants, spiders, frogs, and pelicans.  Each student selected an animal and worked in a small group to read and discuss non-fiction texts about that animal.  To share their findings, the first graders drew and wrote about what they had learned.  Come and see our amazing bulletin board next time you are here at BPY!

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1A and 1B: Hopes and Dreams for First Grade

Today the first graders thought about their hopes and dreams for the year. After brainstorming together as a class, each child wrote about his or her hopes for the year.  Perhaps your child would like to share these hopes and dreams at the Shabbat table tonight!

1B: Math in Focus

We have started using our math program, Math in Focus, and the first graders are so excited about learning math!  Today we learned to represent the numbers to ten using unifix cubes and ten frames.  As they worked, the students shared interesting observations about the different numbers.  We are also working on learning to write the numerals correctly and to read and write the names of the numbers (i.e. 'one,' 'two,' etc.) Our math program emphasizes learning mathematical vocabulary, and tomorrow the first graders will learn to compare quantities using accurate mathematical vocabulary.

1B: Reader’s Workshop

As we begin our first Reader's Workshop unit, the First Graders are learning about themselves as readers.  Today they enjoyed sharing favorite books from home and discussing their reading interests.  We learned that many of our first graders enjoy humorous stories, nonfiction books about animals, and fantasy. It is wonderful to get to know each other and learn about each other's interests! 
Tonight's homework is to complete the "reading at home" sheet.
Have a nice evening!  

1A and 1B: Update and Homework for September 8, 2015

Dear Parents,
We had a wonderful first day of first grade!  The children had a great time getting to know one another and learning the routines of first grade.
For homework tonight, your child needs to fill the small brown paper bag that he/she has been given with five objects that tell something about him or her. We discussed possible items in class, including a family photograph, a Lego figurine, a piece from a favorite game, a favorite color crayon, a necklace, etc. We will use these items tomorrow to learn more about one another.
I am so excited to spend this year learning together with your children!
Have a nice evening,