Kindergarten A

Simchat Torah

On Thursday, we had a discussion with Morah Rona about  Simchat Torah. We learned that on Simchat Torah we have a big party in the Beit K'nesset where we dance and sing with the Torah! We will also be having a party in school to celebrate the Torah. Here is a picture of us decorating the covers for our very own Torahs that we are making. Chag Sameach! 

Mitzvot on a scale

On Wednesday we talked about how we can get more mitzvot  for Yom Kippur. Morah Rona demonstrated by placing wooden blocks on a scale that when we say sorry on Yom Kippur, the things we did wrong turn into mitzvot. 

Rosh Hashana cookies and games

Last Thursday, we played a game where we got blindfolded and had to guess what an object was using only our sense of touch. We did a great job identifying a shofar, Dvash, (a jar of honey) and a Tapuach (apple). We also baked and ate delicious honey cookies. Shanah Tova! 

Orientation Day

Gan Chaverim had a wonderful orientation day! We played some fun games that helped us learn each other's names and we even took a tour of the lunchroom, the new place where we will eat this year as kindergarteners.