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Class Placement Form for Students Entering Grades 2-8

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Health Forms:

BPY requires an annual physical exam for all children.  The form must be completed by the health care provider and provides permission for the student to participate in gym and all school activities.  This form includes the immunization record.  All students must meet the state requirements for their age/grade, or they will not be allowed to remain in school.  Please note that Grade 6 students (and above) are now required to have a Tdap booster and the Meningococcal vaccine.  Annual FLU shots are required for Toddler through Pre-K, and documentation must be submitted by Dec. 31st.

REQUIRED FORMS (please choose ONE of the following)

  1. Health Record – to be used for Toddlers through grade 5, (and grades 6-8 if NOT playing on a sports team).
  1. Preparticipation Physical Evaluation – Grades 6 -8 – If there is ANY chance that your child may participate on one of our athletic teams, this form must be completed by you and your physician in its entirety.  (Otherwise you may use the Health Record.)  This form is required by the state of NJ for any athletic team participation.


  1.  Medication Authorization Form – We encourage you to arrange medication around school hours.  However if your child will or might require OTC or prescription medication while at school, please complete this form with your doctor.  This form can be used for Tylenol, ibuprofen, ADHD  or allergy medication, antibiotics, etc.
  2. Allergy Action Plan – If your child has any allergies which might require Benadryl, epinephrine or other allergy medications at school, you and your doctor must complete this form annually.  It is critical that we have this form so that medication is not delayed if your child is allergic to any foods, insects, latex, etc.
  3. Asthma Treatment Plan – If your child has chronic or even occasional asthma, please complete this form with your doctor, so that rescue medication can be provided without delay.


  • NO MEDICATION CAN BE GIVEN IN SCHOOL WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORIZATION.  (Authorization can be provided on one of the above forms OR a letter with complete instructions and signature from the prescribing physician as well as a signed note from the parents.)
  • Children are NOT allowed to self-medicate at school.  (Please contact me for allergy and asthma exceptions.)

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Health Forms:

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