“We cannot adequately express our tremendous enthusiasm for Ben Porat Yosef and our genuine gratitude for all they give our children, ourselves, and our community.  The superior education begins with the teachers, who are exceptionally dedicated and creative.  We have been blown away by how much extra effort they give, often on their own time, to help each child learn to her highest potential.  BPY gives kids the critical thinking skills they need in a world where technology places information in our hands but requires ever-increasing discernment to sort through it.  BPY teachers lay a strong foundation, and not only encourage questions, but teach multiple ways to find solutions, using direct experience and experimentation, group collaboration, traditional research methods, and creative, fun projects.  The children thus gain both the basic knowledge and the analytical skills they need to approach new problems.  Finally, BPY incorporates Jewish values that emphasize the pure joy of learning – of striving to understand and relishing the result of one’s efforts, of valuing differences and new ideas, of celebrating success, and of linking the quest for knowledge to our Torah, our history, and our people.  We are amazed at the positive impact that BPY has had on our children.”

Laura Fein and Martin Ramirez

Town – Teaneck, Shuls – Cong. Arzei Darom, Shearith Israel (NYC)

Laura – Exec. Dir., ZOA-NJ; Harvard (AB); Hebrew U; Columbia (JD)

Martin – Attorney; Stanford (BA); Columbia (JD)

Parents of – Margalit (7th), Dahliah (5th), Adiel (2nd), Izzi (K), Aviva (9th, Frisch)



BPY is more than just a school. It is a community and it is a family. When deciding on a school for our children, we chose a place that not only excelled in academics, but more importantly, emphasized character. BPY stresses the importance of being a good person, teaching children to look out for each other and be a part of their community. The first time Vered went to pick a snack as a Shabbat Ima she was so concerned about the different allergies of the kids in her class; she wanted to be sure that each child would be able to partake. It was so touching! BPY teaches the children to respect all Jewish customs, and to appreciate their beauty. The children accept and learn from one another, a very important lesson that is often hard to learn as an adult. When it was time to think about whether to send our youngest to nursery at BPY, there was no question about it. As a sibling, she was already an integral part of the school and part of the “family”, known by the teachers and always greeted with the same warmth that is given to each student. The qualities that are taught and exemplified at BPY are those we wanted our children to model from a young age.”
Karen and Howie Goodman: Englewood; Kehillat Kesher;
Karen – Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, Albert Einstein College of Medicine;
Howie – Orthopedic Surgeon, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Parents of: Oran (2nd), Vered (K), Einav (N)

It is a privilege to be part of the Ben Porat Yosef community, both as parents, and, in Michal’s case, as a teacher in the school. BPY provides a full traditional curriculum but also enriches and supplements the learning experience in ways that captivate students and motivate them to learn. The school offers an unusually open and warm culture that embraces different backgrounds and personalities. Teachers work diligently to integrate curriculum so that the students learn and experience a topic from many different vantage points. Most importantly, the school offers an atmosphere that recognizes and makes room for the worth of each child and where, due to the school’s relatively small size, each student feels that he or she is an integral part of the school. Each student is able to have a relationship, over the course of his or her time in the school, with almost every teacher and with every member of the administration. It is remarkable to be part of an environment where students and teachers are almost universally excited to come to school every morning! “
Michal & David Kahan: Teaneck; Shaare Tefillah;
Michal – Teacher (BPY); David – Lawyer
Parents of: Aliza (4th), Liana (PreK)

“When we were choosing a nursery school for our oldest child five years ago, we selected BPY due to its small, individualized, warm and unique educational program. When, over the summer, the school announced that it would be relocating to a larger facility, we wondered how this expansion would impact the qualities that initially attracted us to the school. For the past four years, we have seen how the administration, staff, and parent body have made sure that the school has maintained the same closeness and warmth even while it has continued to rapidly grow. Along with the wonderful educational program, BPY has helped our children internalize good middot without conscious effort, as demonstrated by our children and their friends. From helping others in the classroom, to performing the mitzvah of bikkur cholim on their own time, the children see these things as normal parts of life, and not as one-time events performed in school to demonstrate the mitzvah. The life lessons that our children have learned and continue to learn from such a special place fill us with gratitude that BPY has become such a wonderful part of our family’s life.”
Sara & Shmuel Popper: Teaneck; Young Israel of Teaneck;
Sara- Software Engineer; Yeshiva University BA, New York University MS; Shmuel- Software Engineer; Yeshiva University (BA), Columbia University (MS)
Parents of: Avi (2nd) and Nava (Pre-K)

From the moment we walked through the doors of BPY on our very first visit we knew we had found our new ‘home’. There truly is something very special and unique about BPY, not just the outstanding education the children receive, but also the way that both faculty and staff know each child by name regardless of grade, the way the older children are always looking out for the younger ones, the way that each child is greeted every morning with a ‘Boker Tov’ and smile from Morah Jessica, Mr. Fischman or Rav Ronen, the incredible way the school has grown yet still manages to maintain the love and warmth for which the school is so well known. With both of us originally coming from the UK we do not have the in-built support of our family locally. That is what is so amazing about being a part of BPY; it truly is a family and we all look out for one another, be it through helping out by arranging a playdate, a ride to a party, or just having a quick coffee! Not only have our children found friends for life but so have we.”

Deborah & Joel Blaiberg: Teaneck; Arzei Darom;
Deborah-Active Community Volunteer; Leeds Metropolitan University, Consumer Services Management (BA);
Joel-Product Manager, IT; University of Leeds, Colour Chemistry (PhD)
Parents of: Talia (3rd), Eitan (1st), Ilan (K), Yael (K)

“The patience and special abilities of the “Morahs” and Rabbeim at BPY enable them to identify and enhance our children’s strengths while instilling in them middot, love of learning, an appreciation of the needs of their community, and a commitment to Am Yisrael. Whenever we come to visit we see the overwhelming sense of excitement, happiness and warmth in the classrooms and hallways. The children sing and speak in Israeli accented Hebrew, and they experience a true connection between religious values and secular studies. Each child is taught and valued as a unique and special individual by an outstanding faculty and administration. BPY is educating the next generation while also helping them to grow into confident, respectful and caring people. It is a wonderful experience for us and for our children“.
- Karen and Dror Maoz, Englewood

“Choosing BPY was the best decision we ever made. Since day one we have experienced the love and respect that the administration and staff have for every single child and family. Elisha gets on the bus with a smile and returns home with a smile. We know that he’s so happy, and that is one of the most important things for us. We know that he feels valued and loved at BPY and that this encourages him to feel strong and confident as a student and as a human being. As parents, we feel that BPY is supportive of us as well and truly partners with us. We cannot describe the hakarat hatov we feel for the school. Our son is growing in wonderful ways and we know that BPY is helping to shape him to be successful, fulfilled and filled with middot.”
- Leorah and Akiva Marcus, Teaneck