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Please see select videos of some of our innovative and educational programming, below.

BPY’s Discovery Learning Day – Organ Donation

BPY Yom Haatzmaut 5776 – Israeli Innovations

BPY’s Discovery Learning Day – Bridges

Welcoming Adar With The Bnot Sherut at BPY!

BPY’s Junior High Discovery Learning Day – Color

BPY’s Discovery Learning Day – How Do YOU Measure Up?

BPY’s Discovery Learning Day – Solar Energy


BPY Yom Haatzmaut 5775 – Israeli Innovations

BPY – Yom Ha’atzmaut in Early Childhood 2015

BPY’s Education Approach: The 4 “C”s

Junior High Discovery Learning Day: Infectious Diseases


Chanukah in BPY’s Early Childhood


Grandparent and Special Visitors Day 12/25/2014


BPY’s First Day of School 2014!


BPY Early Childhood Prepares for Rosh Hashana


BPY’s Elementary School Discovery Learning Day: BEES


BPY Early Childhood Celebrates Yom Haatzmaut:

Discovery Learning Day: The Physics, Engineering and Math of Catapults:

Discovery Learning Day: Live Organ Donation:

Discovery Learning Day: 5 Senses:

BPY First Day of School 2013:

BPY Scholarship Walkathon, June 2013:

Discovery Learning Day-Boats:

BPY Gets a New Gym Floor, April 2013:

Yom Ha’atzmaut Daglanut 2013:

Skype Interview with an IDF Soldier, Yom Hazikaron 2013:

Discovery Learning Day: Space:

BPY Family Carnival Day October 2012:

Hachnasat Sefer Torah September 2012:

First Week of School September 2012:

BPY Annual Scholarship Walkathon 2012:

BPY Dinner Video 2012:

Lag Ba’Omer Bonfire and Celebration 2012:

BPY Students Act Out the Pesach Story:

BPY Yom Ha’atzmaut Family Celebration 2012:

Purim Family Megillah Reading 2012:

Discovery Learning Day: Crime Scene Investigation:

Discovery Learning Day – Flight :

Grandparents’ and Special Visitors’ Day December 26, 2011:

Barnes and Noble Literacy Event December 2011:

Pre-Simchat Torah Hakafot October 2011:

BPY First Days of School September 2011:

BPY Marches in the Celebrate Israel Parade 2011:

Lag Ba’Omer Bonfire and BBQ 2011:

BPY Yom Ha’atzmaut Family Celebration 2011:

Dinner Video March 6, 2011:

BPY’s Innovative, Multi-sensory Mishna Program:

“Imagine” Video:

Second Grade Trip to a Sofer to Prepare For Their Chumash Presentation January 2011:

Discovery Learning Day – Bridges:

Discovery Learning Day – Units of Measurement:

Dinner Video, Spring 2010:

BPY’s “That’s Entertainment” Event Starring Acrodunk, October 2010:

Yom Ha’atzmaut Daglanut, May 2010:

“Because” Video, October 2010:

Mitzvah Carnival, October 2009:

Dinner Video, Spring 2009: