Parent Testimonials


Mizrahi“BPY has gifted our children a sense of confidence and self-awareness in both social and educational settings that floods in all aspects of their daily lives.  We look forward to BPY giving our children the tools they need to grow and thrive in a robust environment today and well into the future.”

Michelle and Ru Mizrahi, Englewood, Congregation Ahavath Torah
Parents of Aiden and Ethan (1st) and Olivia (N)


“The BPY culture of fostering classrooms filled with enthusiastic creative learning is clear Simchi with the daily questions, stories and “re-tellings” our Emmy brings home. We are overjoyed that our children have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment where everyone can share ideas and feel that their thoughts are valued.”

Penina and Ari Simchi, Teaneck, Congregation Ohr Saadya
Parents of Emuna (PK) and Lielle (T)



Mitrani“Relocating from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, we realized that choice of neighborhood and synagogue would have a strong impact on our family. What we didn’t fully appreciate at the time was how much of a community our children’s school would turn out to be, or the impact of that community. Since we would be attending a Sephardic synagogue, we wanted a school that would both complement our Sephardic traditions and culture, and also integrate our children into the greater Jewish community. Visiting BPY, both at Open House and during a school tour, we were immediately greeted by a warm staff, welcoming school environment, and happy children.  Walking through BPY’s halls, we heard Hebrew and English spoken interchangeably. We could see and feel the energy; the teachers and administration worked together to provide a unique cultural and academic experience. A year later, BPY has not let us down! Even as it continues to grow, it maintains its small school feel. Our children feel nurtured, accepted and supported by their teachers and rabbanim.  Elementary and early childhood education is about laying the foundation for future learning. We love that our children are taught more than what is found in their books.  Whether it’s learning different traditions for holidays, or celebrating together on Yom Ha’atzmaut, the school is truly a blended family of Jews from all around the world. BPY utilizes its diversity as a learning opportunity. It is a bridge that exposes our children to Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Israeli and American traditions. This is what BPY does so well.”

Liz and Alan Mitrani, Englewood, Congregation Ahavath Torah
Parents of Benjamin (4), Pearl (2), Jacob (K) and Elias (N)

“When we were choosing a school for our children, we were looking for a school that doesn’t view learning as confined to the classroom; a school that fosters the notion that learning is a mode of engaging in the world around us. We found this at BPY. When you walk through the halls at BPY, you immediately sense the “buzz” of learning. The school feels alive. Students are moving around, discussing, analyzing in small groups, and completely engrossed in their study. This is especially clear in the early childhood, where students learn through play. We were amazed at the depth of knowledge our daughter gained in Pre-K, all through active and experiential learning. She learned about symmetry, monarch butterflies, months of the year, punctuation, geography, all about the chagim, and so much more; all this information absorbed from creative activities that made up her daily schedule. BPY has fostered her excitement for learning new ideas, and has helped lay the foundation for an inquisitive and confident learner. One night, last year, we told Nava that she had to put away her lollipop because it was time to brush teeth and go to bed. She then declared, “I am going to do an experiment!” She proceeded to place the lollipop in a cup of water, wanting to see what would happen if it was left there overnight. That’s what education is all about. We are thrilled by the enthusiasm that Nava shows for school and are excited to see it continue to develop in the upcoming years.”

Shoshana Chanales and Doni Moskovits, Teaneck, Netivat Shalom
Parents of Nava (2), Rami (K) and Daphna


“When we were choosing a nursery school for our oldest child five years ago, we selected BPY due to its small, individualized, warm and unique educational program. When, over the summer, the school announced that it would be relocating to a larger facility, we wondered how this expansion would impact the qualities that initially attracted us to the school. For the past four years, we have seen how the administration, staff, and parent body have made sure that the school has maintained the same closeness and warmth even while it has continued to rapidly grow. Along with the wonderful educational program, BPY has helped our children internalize good middot without conscious effort, as demonstrated by our children and their friends. From helping others in the classroom, to performing the mitzvah of bikkur cholim on their own time, the children see these things as normal parts of life, and not as one-time events performed in school to demonstrate the mitzvah. The life lessons that our children have learned and continue to learn from such a special place fill us with gratitude that BPY has become such a wonderful part of our family’s life.”

Sara & Shmuel Popper: Teaneck; Young Israel of Teaneck
Sara – Software Engineer; Yeshiva University BA, New York University MS; Shmuel – Software Engineer; Yeshiva University (BA), Columbia University (MS)
Parents of: Avi (7th),  Nava (4th) and Maytal (1st)